Thursday, 23 September 2010

Five or less ingredients #3

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Right, I am back with my series, I have to admit I had a break for a while with 5 ingredients dishes. Now I would like to present a pasta dish, while we are in the pasta mood after making a homemade one. Also I am using the courgettes that are still in season. Easy dish, tasty, light and very quick to make – it only takes time to cook the pasta, meanwhile you can prepare the rest of ingredients. It is better to use a garlic infused olive oil but extra virgin is good as well.

Tagliatelle with courgettes & sun blushed tomatoes

Serves 2

about 200g tagliatelle (or other long pasta)
2 small courgettes
few tbsp garlic infused olive oil
few sun blushed tomatoes from olive oil
parmesan or pecorino
freshly ground black pepper

Put a big pan filled with water on the hob to boil the pasta. Meanwhile prepare the courgettes.

Using a veg peeler cut the courgettes lengthwise into ribbons. Fry them in the pan/skillet in olive oil – gently, try to not damage them and do not brown them too much.

Boil the pasta accordingly to producer’s instructions, drain and mix with the courgette ribbons. Add some pepper and sun blushed tomatoes then plate. On the top add some parmesan shavings (I made them using a veg peeler). Serve immediately.


  1. That looks looks very comforting and delicious. Would make me smile in this cold, windy weather here. Hope you have a lovely weekend. MaryMoh from

  2. Mary, thank you very much. Pasta dishes are always comforting. :)


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