Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Special time

I am sure for many of you Friday or Saturday will be quite important day. Whether you celebrate Christmas as a purely religious thing or just follow the festive feeling as a laic. For me it is a special moment tonight. It is winter solstice and this is magical time.

As Pole I do not celebrate as most Catholics do. It may surprise you but for me pre-Christian tradition is more important. I follow a natural rhythm of season and solstice itself is a special moment of the annual cycle of the year. It is time when light wins over the darkness, the days are getting longer. It is time for change. Old cycle is dying, new one is being born.

For me it is time of reflection and also making plans for a future. When the days are getting longer, for me it is almost like being reborn physically.

We will have a decorated tree (purely pagan thing!), I will prepare tasty food, we will have presents, wishing ourselves health and happiness, and we will welcome any guest with a joy. We hope to remain in this mood until new year perhaps until Spring.

Whatever way you celebrate I wish you happy holiday and all the best for New Year.

I will take a short brake and come back after 1 January 2011. Have a lovely time!


  1. We Brazilians celebrate the same way you Polish people do!
    Merry Christmas! have a lovely one!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2011! full of good food! :)



  2. All the best for New Year Claudia. :) Thanks for visiting my blog, if I learn Portuguese I will visit yours. ;) Lots of love! xxx


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