Thursday, 20 January 2011

French toasts with orange syrup

Some people say that we should eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a noble and supper like a peasant. Do you remember emperor's omlette? This time I have made lovely breakfast which I think is worth at least royal table. However like a peasant I used stale bread. Filling, comforting, delicious twist on French toast.

Serves 2

6 slices of stale baguette
2 eggs
about 100ml milk
zest and juice of one large orange
2 heaped tbsp of caste sugar
few tbsp butter, for frying

Mix eggs with milk and orange zest and soak bread in this mixture, turning once after 2 minutes, so it soaks evenly.

Place sugar and orange juice in a pan and boil until syrupy.

Fry soaked bread in the butter, until golden on both sides. Place onto a plate and drizzle with orange syrup.


  1. new and innovative dish looking delicious

  2. new and innovative dish looking delicious

  3. If this is a breakfast for a peasant, I would say they eat very well! A very inventive creation, looks delicious!

  4. Is there any way you can make this for me and then post it so I can have it for breakfast tomorrow? I am so hungry now. This looks fantastic.

  5. Santosh, thank you very much!

    Luigi, breakfast worth at least king, but made from some old bread. :)

    All That I'am Eating, i wish I could, I like to suprise people with some pracels. :))))

    Thanks very much to all of you for visiting! xxx


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