Saturday, 10 December 2011

Spiced orange liqueur (arancello) - Christmas gifts vol.6

I am bad, bad blogger. This time last year I had five posts about culinary gifts and his year I am not very well organised. Let me just remind you, or introduce to those who are perhaps new followers, my last years culinary Christmas gifts:

Also please, please fell free to see all my posts from my culinary gifts section, as there are some more chutneys (unfortunately seasonal) and different types of shortbread that I made last year for my hampers. Also this time of the year you can make this caramelised onion, that can cost quite a lot in some delis. In my opinion handmade edible presents are great fun for foodies - either when it comes to making them or be given one.

This is a recipe from some ancient "Good Food" but I have changed it slightly. It's similar to limoncello but it is made with orange and spices. Very nice thing for cold, winter days. Bottled will make lovely Christmas gift. 

Makes about 0.75l

peel of 5 small oranges (really thin, witout this bitter white pith)
small piece of cinnamon stick
vanilla pod (optionally)
3 cardamom pods (I used green)
5 cloves
500ml good quality pure vodka (I recommend Polish rye vodkas)
250g caster sugar 
250ml water 

Place orange peel, cinnamon, vanila pod , cardamom and cloves together with the vodka, seal and leave for about 7 days, shaking each day.

Next add the sugar dissolved in the water, mix, seal the jar again and leave for about 5 days, again shake everyday.

After 5 days strain the liquer into a bottle and you can save cinnamon stick or other items for decoration.


  1. I'm too lazy for gift making, or perhaps too busy. I wouldn't mind getting one like this, though ;)

  2. Ewa, I am too busy this year and not very well organised. I suppose not having any children makes the difference too. ;) I am not going crazy with hampers like I did last year, did not have as much warm feedback as I would like to. :/


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