Friday, 22 June 2012

Casting, boobs and some other things

I know this is a food blog but today I would like to share with you my feelings about my recent casting. I was overwhelmed by the amount of warm wishes and simply feel like sharing my experience with you. Those who are not interested please stay tuned because I have new exciting recipe coming up, new photographs and also second part of guide to British cheeses! 

On Tuesday I traveled to Liverpool (about 3hrs drive) to Bravissimo/Pepperberry shop. (shop that offers lingerie in D-K cups and clothes designed with boobs in mind). I had very warm welcome, ladies offered me nibbles and sparking wine. I had a bra fitting session with one of their lovely bra fitters, she was very nice and I had a chance to discuss different styles and size of bras. I found this very interesting and strongly recommend it. 

 Next I was given black leggings and black tight t-shirt so that ladies could see my body shape. Also they measured my chest, waist and hips to determine which body shape I represent and what size I wear. They took  photographs of my back and my face and asked me to try two different styles on - these dresses I believe are from Autumn collection as I can't see them in recent catalogue neither on-line. Again some photographs were taken and then after filling the form in I had time for trying their dresses on in the shop. I was assisted by lovely ladies, they were very helpful, nice and finally I decided I am going for the dress you can see on the photograph, as this was one of their dresses I had on my wish list for some time and I think it fits me well:

Stripe Hem Dress (Pepperberry)
I think it was very kind of Pepperberry to offer me a free dress as their way to thank me for coming to the casting and being support to the brand.  Unfortunately I can't share any photographs from the casting, but Pepperberry mentioned on their facebook page that they will be sharing them with us soon, so check this out. When casting was finished my partner and I went to Wagamama to have some wonderful soup (one of our favourite places to eat!) and then for a walk to the docks and river Mersey. It is a shame that I forgot to take my camera with me (due to the excitement) - although Liverpool in not entirely my cup of tea, there were some interesting spots.

I have to say I would be over the moon if they decide I am good enough for the final photoshoot, but I am already very happy they've picked me especially since they got lots of applications and really were spoilt for choice. Casting also made me realise one thing. I fully and finally understood that I am not a freak of nature. Why I though I was a freak? When I was in high school and on university I heard thousands of times when shopping for underwear that my boobs are so large it is impossible to get a decent bra for me. If I only had one pound for every "you must be wearing at least 34 under bust" or "they don't make cups larger than DD" I have heard I would be rich today. So I struggled for years, even my breast isn't really that large! I was frustrated, my posture was awful, as I was trying to hide my breast and also due to the wrong fitting I didn't feel comfortable, I honestly thought my only hope was breast reduction surgery. 

The only thing I regret is that I didn't get into bra fitting bit earlier and did it around my 30th birthday. I was properly measured and feel so much better, well supported and many shops offer gorgeous styles for larger cups. I strongly believe that boobs any size deserve well fitted bra. I think things are getting better and more women are educated as to what size they should wear, but I can still see many women wearing wrong size (too loose on the band and too small cups) So ladies do it for yourself! For you comfort and health. With new fitted bra you will feel newborn. 

Right, this is all I wanted to say, now back to cooking and photographing. I have some more exciting recipes for you and really feel so enthusiastic about this. Especially that yesterday I found out that one of the Polish food magazines recommends my blog! I read so wonderful things about my blog that nearly made me cry.  I really feel like I have to keep going as never before. I know you will not understand a word of it, but still share with you screen of their recommendation. :) 

And one more thing. About week ago I decided to place adverts on my blog. Clear boxes with ads no product placement or sponsored posts. When I started blogging I knew this is going to be my hobby only and still feel the same about my blog, however this can be quite expensive hobby. I hope these extra earnings help me to develop this hobby, buy some new cook books (and believe me - my wish list on Amazon is VERY long) or perhaps go somewhere nice and write a review? I trust you will understand and accept it. 

That's it. Thanks for reading and talk to you soon! :)

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  1. Rather frank question but what size is the sritped hem dress, please?
    Size 8 looks great ( but I think the neckline proportions are totally off in size 16 for example. I am in between so I would like to know your size to get a better idea whether mine would look any good.


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