Thursday, 5 July 2012

My subjective guide to culinary books, part 3

I can hardly believe that I waited so long to write about the book that certainly is one of the most interesting I have ever seen and for sure - the most beautiful in my collection. Funnily enough I did not use a single recipe from this book and I would still strongly recommend it to anybody who likes beautiful cook books. This is "The Vintage Tea Party Book" by Angel Adoree (who you may recognise from TV series "Dragon's Den"), the owner of Vintage Patisserie .

Let me just say that I am huge fan of vintage style and if only I had more money and opportunities I would definitely collect authentic vintage clothes and accessories and dress like this on a regular basis. So for me this book is like a very stylish journey back in time, I can totally relax flicking trough it and find myself in a lovely vintage scenery, having a tea party in style. This book is a visual feast, never a dull moment, one of the most beautiful photographs of food I have ever seen.

But what makes this book even more amazing is that it has a whole vintage package for anybody who would like to host a vintage tea party. Not only recipes, but lots of other ideas such as how to make invitations and thank you cards, decorations, how to pick the right clothing, how to make iconic hair victory rolls, tips on flower arranging or 40's make up and applying false lashes.

This is an absolute must have for anybody who is into vintage. This book is also very British and this is why I love it even more. Angel says she is proud of being British, in this book you can find several portraits of Queen Elizabeth or history of British flag. Let me say this again - very stylish, extremely beautiful, what a woman and what a book! 

How about the recipes? Have to say I was so pleasantly surprised by some ideas and will definitely try them some time in the future. I am sure they will work, Vintage Pattiserie have been a success, so I totally trust the recipes here, but simply did not have a chance to try them yet. How do you like the sound of some:

Kipper Paté on Oatcakes with Whisky Marmalade
Tall Filo Baskets with Stilton, Pear & Walnuts
Chicken Liver Parfait in a Filo Pastry Basket
Gingerbread Pudding with Eggnog Cream
Rose Pannacotta
Wild Hibiscus Champagne

along some traditional recipes such as easy fish pie, crown of lamb, scones or strawberry jam? I absolutely love them! To be completely honest - even if I never get round to make any of these (although I doubt this will happen) this book is so delightful to read, that I can spend hours in the armchair and forget all my worries. This is little bit like going to the other side of the mirror and even some of the gorgeous illustrations remind me "Alice in Wonderland" slightly.    

I recommend this book to anybody who likes beautiful things - this is pure and endless pleasure to look at. 

"The Vintage Tea Party Book" by Angel Adoree

Publisher: Mitchell Beazley (1 Aug 2011)

Hardcover, 304 pages


  1. Such a beautiful book. I bought it for a friend for Christmas and now I seriously wish that I'd bought a copy for me too! I hope Santa or the Birthday Fairy will be good to me this year!

  2. Hannah, I think you should definately go for it if you like beautiful books. :) I also think this is good value for money - I paid 10 quid for it (Amazon). It is worth much, much more. :)


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