Thursday, 16 August 2012

How to quick and easy scoop out the courgettes

It's a quick one today, no recipe, but kitchen trick instead. Perhaps you don't know this trick yet, and since I use this tool to scoop the flesh out of the courgettes (seasonal veg at it's best now!) I am more happy with the result. I used to use a small knife or a spoon, but I found it not very precise so now I use this metal thing - no idea how it is called? It is the tool of scooping out the melons, watermelons and other stuff. I also use it to scoop put the aubergines, biut for the large ones I prefer to use ice cream scoop. It scoops the courgette out more evenly and that makes the courgette to cook more evenly too - no undercooked or overcooked bits.  I hope this tip comes handy.

Have you got any secret amazing ways to scoop out the courgettes? ;)

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