Sunday, 21 October 2012

My favourite sandwiches

This is one of them and there will be some more coming up some time in the future.

I like bacon & avocado sandwich, but Hugh came up with an idea of putting cheddar and mayo into this duo. I skipped mayo and added vintage cheddar to bacon and avocado and guess what? This is my new favourite sandwich. I used my everyday bread that I shared my recipe for some time ago, but this time made with white and wholewheat flour (and as usual rye starter).

2 slices of bread, slightly toasted
½ avocado, flesh scooped out and sliced or mashed
2 bacon rashers (I used back and unsmoked bacon), grilled in the oven or fried
2 slices of mature (or vintage) cheddar

I don't have to give you a method, do I? ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. I am very happy to have discovered your blog. I have just returned from living in Poland for a year and I would love to recreate some of the dishes/flavours I tried out there and you have given me some good inspiration - Thanks!


    1. I am glad you like it Alice. :) I hope your stay in Poland was enjoyable. :) It is so nice to hear you want to cook some Polish style food. May I recommend and excellent blog about Polish food? It's my friend's blog, mainly in English, packed with some useful information:

      All the best!


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