Sunday, 6 February 2011

Prosciutto, pear & rocket rolls

In Poland traditionally this time of a year many people make doughnuts and deep fried sweet pastry to celebrate the carnival. I simply don't feel like standing over a pan with hot fat and frying those sweets, even if I love to eat them. So there will be no sweets today, but a snack that makes lovely starter and finger food.

I found recipe ages ago in "Good Food" magazine, however later on I came across similar or the same recipe in other magazines and cookery books.

Makes 8

2 ripe but firm pears, cored and quartered vertically
juice of half lemon
2 handfuls of rocket
8 slices of Italian prosciutto
about 4 tbsp shaved parmesan or grana padano
freshly ground black pepper
balsamic syrup (optional)

Arrange a few leaves of rocket on each prosciutto slice. Add cheese shavings, quarters of pear tossed in lemon juice and sprinkled with pepper. Roll it and you can secure it with toothpicks.

Optionally you can drizzle them with some balsamic syrup.


  1. Always with the beautiful photography!
    That looks like a good dish- I love that magazine :) xx

  2. Hi Lou. Thank you very much! I feel so guilty that I did not have a time recently to look at your blog and cook the porrige too! But I bought some lovely dried fruits so I hope I may have some photos soon. ;) xxx


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