Thursday, 17 February 2011

World Cat Day. My cats and mini studio kit manual.

For me a home without a cat is not a happy home. And today it is their day. Therefore I decided to show you how I take photographs of food for my blog with a very close assistance of my two cats - Buka (big brownish one) and Mimi (black one). As you probably know North Yorkshire is not spoiling me with a lots of lovely day light during most time of the year so I had to buy mini studio kit to keep my blog updated on a regular basis. And this is my mini studio kit manual:

1. Prepare spacious flat space to have your kit stable and ready. Perhaps a floor if you do not have a table big enough, or the cable is too short.
2. Assemble the studio and place the lamps on both sides.
3. Go to the kitchen and add some beef stew to a bowl.
4. Set the bowl aside as the beef stew is steamy, go back to the studio to switch on the lamps and check if they are in a good position.
5. Run Buka out of the studio.
6. Take the background out of the studio and go back to the kitchen to get one of these sticky rolls for cleaning the clothes.
7. Clean the white background, make sure all of those long, colourful hair is gone.
8. Go back to assemble the background.
9. Run Mimi out of the studio.
10. Assemble the background.
11. Go back to the stew.
12. Come back to the studio with the bowl of stew.
13. Amend the studio, because Mimi was mopping on it.
14. Run Buka away from the stew.
15. Place the stew in the studio.
16. Run Buka away from you, because is in display frame.
17. Run Mimi away from the lamp because she covers all light.
18. Put the upset lamp up.
19. Turn on and off the lamp to find out that is not working.
20. One halogen is broken so make sure you have got enough light from other working lamp .
21. Take a photo.
22. Place the stew back into the pan, because it has gone cold already and reheat it.
23. Eat the stew accompanied by cats of which one is back in the studio and the other one it trying to get in.


  1. Excellent story, and excellent cat pictures! We love cats too. Our cats also try to help with the photos. And they help chosing recipes, by siting on the open page of the book when we're trying to follow it. Cats are such characters!

  2. Thank you very much! :) They are such characters, one is now watching me with this kind of facial expression trying to say: why you clicking that much, I am trying to sleep. ;)

    Thanks for visiting! All the best!

  3. This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.


  4. lmao!!!! and I am sure if I get one my cats will do just the same!!!:)

  5. Fiona, they all the same. :) And all so different (we have three now).


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