Monday, 7 January 2013

Sad news :( For me, anyway.

I don’t know how to even start. I never thought it will be so emotional, but when I decided to write this post I couldn’t get any sleep until 4 am…

I have to admit I have been struggling with my English blog for quite some time and I considered giving it up when I came back from Cornwall in October last year. To write a post in English takes more effort and time than in my native language. Recently I discovered that to keep my English blog going I have to sacrifice something else, something very valuable – quite a lot of my spare time. I have at least a dozen of books waiting to be read and I want to limit the time I spend in the front of the laptop. I also need to move more; recently I gave up a part of my life that was very important to me – the exercise routine. I also have a culinary column in one of the Polish internet magazines and recently I looked back at my work published in the last 3 months – I should have done so much better, pay more attention to text and photographs and who is to blame is me - being overworked and try to do too many things at once.

Also and probably more importantly I realised that English will never be language that will allow me to express in 100%. People say I am intelligent, bright and have good and specific sense of humour (hence my endless love for Monty Python) and my writing skills in my native language are pretty good. My personality shines through my stories. This is not happening and I don’t think will happen soon in my posts written in English. My workplace is certainly not a good place to improve my writing skills – I work with numbers (and as probably most of you – I have to work to pay my bills). I tried to do GCSE few years ago, but after about 6 weeks I was the only one of the whole group (in which, funnily enough, I was the only foreigner!) who was willing to carry on with this course. Other students just gave up and local authorities had to cancel the night class and never came back to the idea of organizing another one.  Unfortunately where I live there is no other option, except perhaps private one-to-one lessons that are pretty expensive.

It certainly has been an amazing journey for nearly three years (anniversary on Valentine’s Day) and I would like to thank all of you who expressed their support for what I was doing here. For kind comments about the recipes, feedback about how you liked some of my dishes or the photographs. For me it is a sad day but in some way this could be very liberating and can lead me to something more exciting in my life. Who knows?  

So thanks again, very warm wishes to everybody who visited this blog and enjoyed it.

Lots of love,


P.S. I would like to express that I am aiming to improve my photographs and if you feel that I am right person to prepare an article about Polish or any recipes or you need photographs for your articles, food styling or perhaps just need a posters for your private kitchen, tea room please let me know – I am very keen to work in food related industry and I hope giving up English blog will give me more time and energy to i.e.  build up my portfolio. Maybe even to open a secret tea room, or perhaps to help others to organize dinner parties? Please, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any form of help or food/recipe writing/photography work to be done for you.  


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  1. That is sad. Interesting recipes and some of the most beautifully prepared photographs I have seen on ANY food blog.

    I think you were to concerned about your English. But I understand about being busy. I have so many plans but can't do half the things I want to do (either online or in real life).


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