Monday, 8 July 2013

A review coming up!

It has been a while since I up dated my English blog and although not many miss it (or only few actually let me know they do) I will have a new post coming up in a couple of days. My partner and I had fabulous holidays in Outer Hebrides and we have found a cafe that deserves a review. Gail - the owner and chef seemed to be really excited about me writing a review and I was so happy about the quality of food and the atmosphere so I though it would be nice to write it in English too - for the lovely girls that looked after us and hopefully for you too - perhaps you are planning a holiday on Outer Hebrides and looking for a places to eat. That certainly was one of the most interesting we visited. So stay tuned! 

I hope you are all OK folks. To be totally honest - I miss my English blog, but simply don't have time to carry on - that's life...

Take care of yourself, eat well and be merry. :) 

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