Saturday, 26 March 2011

Smoked rainbow trout, peas & mint puree

This is not a dip but you can make it more smooth. My initial intention was to make it quite smooth, but after few pulses of food processor I decided I prefer it as a rough puree. However next time I will try to make it smooth and serve on oatcakes or on rye bread as canapés.

Some time ago I really fancied a smoked fish and when I found lovely smoked rainbow trout on my local market I thought I will make pate in the same way I have made this smoked mackerel one. However I had a light bulb moment and decided to make it differently.

I was trying to find some fish combinations in my memory and I remembered this baked rainbow trout with mint and almonds. When I thought about a mint naturally peas came to my mind - this is one of my favourite snacks and flavour combinations. I started to have a rough idea of this puree, even if I thought it is going to b smooth. Especially that fish and peas is one of the popular risotto combinations, not even mentioning mushy peas with fish & chips in UK.

I used frozen peas, but next time I will wait for this lovely summer, sweet peas. Under any circumstances do not use tinned peas. It is something completely different story. (inedible for me)

2 smoked rainbow trout fillets, roughly chopped, skin off
400ml peas, defrosted slowly in a sieve
half lemon juice
handful of fresh mint (optionally few extra leaves for garnishing)
tsp fresh thyme, leaves picked (I used lemon thyme)
few tbsp mild olive oil
freshly ground black pepper

Place all the above in a food processor and whiz until smooth or up to your taste. I served it with toasted wheat - rye bread slices and garnished with some fresh leaves.

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