Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dales Food & Drink Festival, part 2

There were also other attractions and displays, not the food only. For example there was a dry stone wall sections. This is very typical for this region way of building the walls using natural materials. It stretches back thousands of years, examples of this craft going back years and years are on Orkney (Skara Brae). It is hard physical job, requiring a bit of imagination and nowadays there aren't many people skilled to build proper dry stone wall. I am proud to say that my partner is considered as a good dry stone waller in the area. 

You could also see sheep shearing - man on the photograph has 50 years experience in this!

Beautiful sheep, Swaledale breed as I believe...

...and a display showing different types of wool coming from a different sheep breeds. (more than 30 breeds in United Kingdom that I know about)

And now back to the tasty bits.

There were many exhibitors selling their good quality bread and other bakery goods and also the bread class was provided where you could learn how to make your own bread and knead and shape it under a watchful eye of the specialist.

Alcohols selection - not my cup of tea, but very colourful and pretty!

Frere Quenelle Liqueurs  - something for a liqueur lovers. No concentrates, no additives or colourings. Just fresh fruit, so told me the monk (?). 

Raydale Preserves are the preserves that I buy if I run out of my own homemade. Made in converted barn in Askrigg by one family since 1978. Truly delicious and no gelling agent added. I love it.

I love bruschetta with all my heart. To be honest, this is not Yorkshire thing, but I like the fact that the food area had versatile suppliers, for example there was one very good Italian stand expect this one with these beautiful bruchettas. 

 Swaledale Cheese is one of my favourite and no doubt I will wrote about this in my new series about British cheese, so stay tuned!

Sweets, sweets! It was than many of them that it could make you sick from looking only! A huge selection for those loving fancy sweet stuff.

Look at their enthusiasm! I hope they put as much positive feelings in their good looking fudge.

There obviously must have been a stand offering nice selection of British favourite - biscuits. Ginger nuts, digestives, shortbread - whichever you can think about - it was probably there. Did you know that Brits consume the most of the biscuits in the whole world?

Look at this lovely man - he had very nice selection of fish and meat products; I bought very tasty game terrine (pheasant and venison) and some smoked garlic. I came back next day and was offered discount! This is how customers should be treated. Thank you kindly sir!

Just to finish off  with this fine British cider I salute you all my readers who were patient enough to go through this long photostory. To good health!

Thank you! :)

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