Monday, 14 May 2012

Subjective guide to British cheeses, vol. 1

For a quite some time I was thinking about new series on my blog about British cheeses.  Not many people know that there are over 700 registerd cheeses in Great Britain. Cheddar and Stilton are well know but how about the other ones? I will try to show you as much diffrent types of British cheese as possible. I will include information about producents, type od cheese, what milk it was made from and will try to include a bit of history where possible.
I will also tell you if I liked tested cheese. Please don't be suprised if many, if not every single of my opinions will be enthusiastic - I am very big fan of cheese and I cannot remember if I ate one that I particularly didn't like.

Shall we start? Please let me know if you are happy with this, if you lik the way I am presenting the information about cheeses. Thank you very much for your opinions.


First one of the featured cheeses is Cornish Blue. I wondered if I really should start from my local cheeses rather than Corbish one but I just had kilogram of this masterpiece ordered from the producer so I thought I'll take the opportunity and phootograph this one - it sems to dissapear very quickly.

I have already mentioned about this cheese and year later I still think this is probably the best cheese I ever had, but I have to admit I am really enthusiastic when it comes to any blue cheese. This  award winning (the list of awards is pretty impressive! inc. World Cheese Awards Champion Cheese 2010)  blue cheese is sweet mild and creamy, yet crumbly. Very interesting consistency. Is smells sweet and sour, bit like an apple. I have to say I was rather suprised by this weet taste that not very often, if even apears in typical blue cheese. It is not as sharp as some of them can be.

It has been hand made in the traditional farmhouse way since 2001.  It matures between 12 and 14 weeks and the blueing occurs by piercing the cheeses each week with stainless steel rods, allowing in air which helps the blue mould spread right through each cheese.

Region: Cornwall 
Type: blue
Shape: round 
Milk: pasteurised cow's 
Rennet: vegetarian
Price: 16 punds sterling/kg 
Producent: Cornish Cheese Company Ltd
Cheesewring;  Knowle Farm
Upton Cross,  Liskeard,
Cornwall PL14 5BG

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